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Greenstar Irrigation service is the company to call in Coral Gables, Florida for all your irrigation needs. Irrigation equipment may become damaged over time and Greenstar is here to help. Greenstar is a licensed, full service contractor that can deal with any unexpected damage caused by the environment, age or even faulty installation in the Coral Gables Florida area.

Coral Gables is notorious for having older poorly designed and badly built irrigation systems that have been known to fail and malfunction. Greenstar is prepared to deal with the reconstruction and repair of these faulty systems. Greenstar prides itself on its use of the latest technology and keeps updated on any rules and regulations in the Coral Gables area. That's what sets Greenstar apart from the competition.

Whether you require a onetime emergency repair, or want to save high repair costs by signing up for a monthly service and maintenance program, Greenstar is there to help. Greenstar offers a 7 point irrigation tune-up at the low cost of $49.95 as a regular maintenance option for our clients. By performing regular maintenance your irrigation system will remain in top condition and running smoothly throughout the whole year. It's important to look for signs that there is a problem with your irrigation system.

Some things customer's can look for to know if it is time to call in an irrigation specialist is whether their water bill has increased significantly, or whether your lawn doesn't look as green and lush as you would like. If you notice that your pressure is not right or your timer is not working properly, then it is time to pick up the phone and give Greenstar Irrigation a call.

Some of the services that Greenstar offers include setting up your sprinkler timers to maximize watering impact. Greenstar can reroute sprinkler lines for new construction of a patio or a pool. Greenstar can alter your current system to allow for better coverage. Greenstar will also check your system and replace broken heads and malfunctioning pumps. Greenstar will test your system and determine what problems exist, then come up with a comprehensive plan, using the latest technologies, to make repairs. By first running your system, Greenstar can determine the quickest and best repairs available.

Greenstar Irrigation keeps informed of all of the Miami-Dade codes and restrictions so that our clients are fully aware of watering restrictions and can best utilize the given watering days and times to their fullest. Greenstar understands that use of water during certain times of the day is more efficient and they will design and implement a system that takes advantage of the optimal use of the water available. This includes sprinkler systems that Coral Gable restricts between 10 AM and 4 PM, and it also includes drip irrigation systems that send the water directly to the roots of the plants and don't have the same hourly restrictions.

Coral Gables uses an odd and even day restriction system to allow watering of homes, so having the proper programming is essential to keep in compliance and Greenstar Irrigation is knowledgeable and up to date in all areas of the Coral Gable rules and regulations. Greenstar builds relationships with their customers one lawn at a time. Give them a call for any of your irrigation needs.

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"They did a great overhaul of my sprinklers, adding heads, rerouting to improve flow, changing the pump and the controller. Huge improvement and professionally done! Thanks!"

"Very professional crew. Very satisfied with the work done."

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